1-story western/2-story bottom floor western building

Everything needed for this part

Here is everything needed for the first part.

Arrange parts

here I've shown where the parts go, they're intentionally backwards so it's easier to identify. Notice the etched bottoms that are going by the floor.

Ready to glue!

Place glue around the whole outside lip of the board

Door Hinge 1

Place the door hinge like shown

Now glue into place.

Careful here!

Make sure to put the door in while you're setting the wall into place, if you forget the door it's very hard to get in later!

Door in action!

Here you can see how the door works, the square pegs just sit in the round holes so they can be turned.

More glue!

Add glue to the small tabs on the outside walls.

Even more glue!

Add glue to the long tabs on the back wall.


Assembled it should look like this. Don't glue the roof into place, so you can move models around inside!

Posts - 1

Take the angled sections and the short sections and put glue them and sandwich them together. You can assemble these wood out or paint out at your preference. I prefer wood out to give it the unpainted wood feel.

Align the posts

You'll see here the angled section is sloped down at the front, with the longer piece to the outside of the wall. You'll see later why it's arranged this way.

Align - 2

Here you can see there are etched markers for the posts, get them ready to go in here.

Glue posts

A dab of glue in both holes, if you use too much you can use a paper towel to remove excess.

Glued in place!

Here you can see angled down at the front, with the long edges to the outsides.

Cross-Brace - 1

This will be our cross brace, there is a thicker and thin long section.

Gluing Cross-Brace 1

Glue is placed at the bottom of the thicker piece. Like the posts you can do paint showing or not showing at your preference.

Gluing Cross-Brace 2

You can see here the thick section sticks up on the top, hard to tell from the picture but have the two bottom edges flush with one another.

Gluing the cross-brace in place

Put a dab of glue in each post.

Put in place Cross-Brace

Glue the cross-brace in place with thinner section to the front (so the angled roof can clear). I recommend you let this dry before adding the awning itself as it can be unstable before it's dry.

Gluing the Awning

Put a dab of glue at each angled section for the awning to rest on when in place.


Here you can see the awning piece needed next.

Glue the tabs

Add glue to the tabs only, then rest in place on the slots at the front and have it rest on the angled posts to create a nice awning.