Custom Engraving 12″ x 12″ Acrylic Sheet


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This is the cost for a custom ordered pre-designed sheet of 11.7″ x 11.7″ acrylic (to allow for edges).

  • Cutting only is for no engraving at all and light to medium amount of cutting.
  • Light Engraving is 20% or less of the surface is engraved, and medium to heavy amount of cutting.
  • Medium engraving is 21%-70% engraving of the surface and medium to heavy amount of cutting.
  • Heavy engraving is for 71% or higher engraving.

Please contact before picking this option as we’ll let you know how to frame your purchase and quickly look at your files to tell you whether it’s prepared properly.

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Cutting Only, Heavy Engraving (71%+ total surface engraved), Light Engraving (20% or less of total surface), Medium engraving (21%-70% total surface)


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