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This is for all things Kings of War basing trays.

If you’re multibasing, go with the no-lip option (this means the tray is exactly the correct dimensions)

If you’re wanting something like the classic trays holding the correct number of guys with a small 3mm lip around the edges, pick the with lip option.

Skirmish style is the tray is exactly the correct sizing, but has spacing between models that ensures they’re above minimum model count leaving gaps between models for more natural spacing (especially for models that are typically hard to rank up).

If you want multiple numbers of multiple types you’ll have to add each one separately to the cart.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × .6 cm

20mm Infantry Troop, 20mm Infantry Regiment, 20mm Infantry Horde, 20mm Infantry Legion, 25mm Infantry Troop, 25mm Infantry Regiment, 25mm Infantry Horde, 25mm Infantry Legion, 40mm Monstrous Infantry Regiment, 40mm Monstrous Infantry Horde, 40mm Monstrous Infantry Legion, Cavalry Troop, Cavalry Regiment, Cavalry Horde, Chariot/Monstrous Cavalry Regiment, Chariot/Monstrous Cavalry Horde, Hero on BIG monster, Hero on Chariot, Hero on foot 20mm, Hero on foot 25mm, Hero on Monster or Warmachine, Hero on mount


No Lip, Skirmish Style, With Lip

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  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great company with superb service, and from what I can tell, the best trays I’ve seen! Excellent!

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